The Week Ahead – November 4, 2019

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The Florida Legislature is in session again this week, here’s what you need to know:

The state Office of Public Counsel is continuing to battle proposed rules to build more underground power lines. Pointing to concerns about the effects on millions of utility customers, the state Office of Public Counsel is continuing to battle proposed rules for carrying out a law that is expected to lead to building more underground power lines in Florida.

Bill would allow automated drug dispensing Access to some pharmaceuticals will become easier for some Floridians if a new bill becomes law. SB 708, filed by Sen. Travis Hutson of St. Johns County, contemplates “automated pharmacy systems” — dispensing kiosks — for “community pharmacy”-styled drug stores.

Senate bill would protect medical marijuana patients in schools A bill introduced Thursday to the Florida Senate would protect the rights of medical marijuana patients in public schools starting in July. If passed, the legislation would compel school districts not to “obstruct” the right to medicate.

James Buchanan seeks $7M plus for water, education efforts in Sarasota County State Rep. James Buchanan hopes to bring dollars back to Sarasota County for water infrastructure and education programs. The Venice Republican filed a series of appropriations requests to direct some $7.3 million back home. For State College of Florida, Buchanan hopes to secure funding for a science and technology building on the Venice campus. The Bradenton-based community college has it’s largest satellite campus in Buchanan’s district.

In other news, our list of Florida’s Most Influential Hispanics will be released on November 15!

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